Family Photography: 3 Main Benefits Of Storytelling Photos

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Family photography is a beautiful thing in itself, but storytelling photography allows you to go so much deeper.

Taking photos has been a popular activity for years now. The whole point of it is to capture a snippet of your life so that later down the line, you have something to look back on; something that you can look at and smile, remembering all the memories that come with it.

With so many different types of photography these days and the option to go for professional photography over whipping out your smartphone, there’s an even bigger reason to get out there and make memories with your family – something of high importance for most people.

It’s all well and good planning family photography sessions, but what about the different types of family photography? Have you thought about portraits or natural shots that tell a story?

Storytelling photography.

What exactly is storytelling photography? Well, it can be a way of keeping track of your family’s growth and those precious moments. Essentially, it’s telling a story about your life. Those important milestones can be saved forever to look back on, years into the future.

These kinds of family shots may be taken in a natural environment or may show different members of your family interacting with each other or with a particular item. Why go for storytelling photos in your next professional photoshoot? I’ve teamed up with Nousha, children’s photography experts to bring you three main benefits of choosing a storytelling theme.

It captures personality.

Family photography is a really great way to capture the quirky personality of each member of your family individually. You’ll have the freedom to act naturally and your photographer will be able to express someone’s true self through their skilful shots. From laughter between a group of people to the loving stare between two young siblings, storytelling photographs are captivating things.

Shows genuine feelings and connections.

Genuine facial emotions are rare to capture when you’re posing for a photograph. Saying “cheese” and baring your teeth for the camera isn’t what you normally do when interacting with a family member. Being in a natural environment or getting caught off guard when you’re having a good laugh with a family member will really bring out a stunning photograph of genuine feelings and your connection with someone else.

Highlights the things you want to remember.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t remember the good times in your life, which is why storytelling photography cements those details in a single picture; the details you want to cherish. Perhaps it’s an early memory of your baby, each year of your brother’s birthday or a parent’s anniversary. No matter how minor or major the event, you want to remember the moment as if you were still in it.

Family photography can capture the best years of your life.

Whatever your reason for choosing family photography, you need the experience to be a memorable one. By choosing storytelling photography, portraits or any other type, you’re capturing those memories that you can look back on time and time again.

black and white photo of three children

Have you ever had a photoshoot? What style did you go for? Share your experience in the comments!

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