You Know You’re a Twin Mum When…

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You Know Your're a Twin Mum When...

Being a twin mum is the best thing I’ve ever done. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Sometimes, it’s bloody difficult! And frustrating, and maddening… and sometimes it’s downright hilarious.

You know you’re a twin mum when…

There are some things that just go hand in hand with being a twin mum, so I asked for some examples in the Twin Mums in the UK Facebook Group, and those lovely ladies did not disappoint! So here we go…

  1. You can scoop up a kid under each arm and keep walking.
  2. Your home looks like it’s been burgled by a pack of wild dogs.
  3. Just leaving the house to go anywhere when they are young is like a military operation!!
  4. You realise how much you can do with your feet, as your hands are always full.
  5. You wake up in the morning and take a big bloody deep breath and affirm to yourself ‘i can do this! You’ve got this!
  6.  “Don’t stand in your sisters poo”, “don’t kick your sister in the head” and “take your finger out of your sisters nose” are everyday vocabulary.
  7. You can quickly become a expert in bartering when your twins are fighting over the exact same thing.
  8. You’ve surveyed the room you enter and know every exit and the best place to stand to have each one under surveillance whilst maintaining a conversation with a friend.
  9. You tell one off and the other one tells you off for telling off the first one that scratched the other one in the first place!!
  10. You put the sugar in the fridge in stead of the milk… it’s always one of those days.
  11. You are so tired that you find yourself winding the dog rather than a baby.
  12. You check there is a fenced off area before you agree to meet your friends with singletons.
  13. Your most frequent saying is hold on a minute.
  14. You realise you still haven’t been for that wee that you needed an hour ago, and that once hot cup of tea is still sat next to the kettle waiting for the milk to go in.
  15. You are toilet training and holding one on the toilet, while the other stands next to you, peeing on the floor.
  16. You wish every store had a drive-thru.
  17. You halve a banana for snack time and nothing is wasted.
  18. You wish you got a quid every time someone said “ohh, double trouble”.
  19. You can’t get from the car to the front of the supermarket without being stopped.
  20. You can no longer “pop” anywhere.
  21. Your face hurts from the fake smiles you have to give to people, when they ask you if they’re twins and if they’re identical and it’s the thousandth time that you’ve heard that today.
  22. You can carry two children and open a baby gate without anyone getting dropped.
  23. Finding a twin trolley is like winning the lottery.
  24. You make 10 cups of coffee a day and don’t get to drink a single one!
  25. You grab one like a rugby ball, who’s reaching for a glass jar in Morrisons, to chase down the other who has legged it down another aisle.
  26. You’re changing a dirty nappy and you have to fight the other twin that’s hovering over you, knowing they have every intention of running off with that nappy.

Reading through that list, I think some of them definitely apply to being a mum in general! Have you got any to add to the list?

You Know You're a Twin Mum When... photo of twin babies with cuddly toys



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