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Children Learn By Osmosis – Here’s How You Should Utilise That

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Children learn by osmosis. This means that they will often run with what you introduce them to, and this is enacted from a very young age. If you often play classical music when driving with them in your vehicle, it’s likely that later on in life they will form at least a sympathetic attitude to this form of expression. Of course, it’s also not uncommon for children to emulate their parents, and use you as an example to demonstrate to themselves the height of what a person can be. In other words, they idolize you.

Even when a child is extremely young, this can be important to consider. It helps you inform your own action as much as theirs. In fact, it should inform you of your own action more than yours. Because your baby will not be able to interpret a rational instruction, but can understand how you’re guiding them, or the habits they experience.

With the following advice, we hope to help you follow your best parenting in this regard:

Consider Health

It can be worth implementing a healthy approach when your child is young. This means ensuring their diet is cared for, and that small, safe and fun exercise is utilised as a bonding experience for the both of you. But of course, everything must be reduced down to its most diminutive and caring output. It might be that you’re feeding your baby formula milk still, and that’s completely fine. It’s hardly as if you’re both going to train for a marathon side by side, you pushing them in a walker. But you might be be able to find baby ‘swimming lessons near me’ with a quick search online. This can help your baby become used to the water slowly, paddle a little and spend time with you. It can also help them build strength slowly as water can help them with uninhibited movement, in other words, allowing you to help them exercise safely. Children exposed to healthy care like this can often become their strongest selves.


Of course, it’s hard to help refine the attitude of a baby. But as a child grows, they will often absorb your energy. If you often shout, are aggressive, and sulk, they will replicate that behavior. It will become who they are. This is why it’s important to, as well as you can, always air a distinct positive and loving approach. A can-do attitude, or being patient can also help a child see those virtues as important.  Not only does it make for good parenting, but it is hidden and subconcious instruction they are sure to internalize in a healthy manner.

Introduce Them

A child will care about what you are doing. This could be a young boy wishing to go fishing with his father, or perhaps imbuing a love for reading in your child. Introduce them to that you love from a young age. There’s every chance they will see the value in it too.

With this advice, osmosis will likely be one of your greatest teaching and bonding tools of parenthood.

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