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2st in 60 Days Challenge: 1 Week to Go!

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2st in 60 Days Challenge: 1 Week to Go

It’s officially one week until my 35th birthday. Which means it’s also one week until the end of my 2st in 60 days challenge, so I thought I’d post an update.

It hasn’t been easy

But, you know what? It hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be, either.

Having a specific goal to work towards has really helped my motivation. It’s kept me on track when I was tempted to take a day off and made sure I didn’t forget what I was working towards.

2st in 60 days was a big challenge

Go big or go home, right? My weight loss is a little slower than average. Possibly because of my Hashimotos thyroiditis and hypothyroidism. It’s being monitored by my GP and it’s looking likely that my medication dose will need to be increased again.

So aiming for 2st in 60 days, when I’d already lost 2st – so didn’t have the first couple of weeks’ big losses to help give me a head start – was always going to be tough.

But I knew that I needed to aim big to make sure I didn’t slack off. If a challenge is easy, where’s the challenge?

I’m flying blind

The last time I weighed myself was about 2 weeks ago. I was 13lb away from my 2st target and I decided not to weigh myself again until the end of the challenge. There were a few reasons for this.

Firstly, I didn’t want to stress over what the scales said anymore. I’m either going to hit my challenge, or I’m not. Checking the scales between now and my birthday won’t change that.

Secondly, I knew it would make me work harder to be 100% on plan. If I weighed myself and I wasn’t getting close to my target, I’d lose motivation AND be disappointed. If I weighed myself and I WAS getting close to target, I might be tempted to ease up a bit. I know myself. I will use any excuse to stray off track. But not knowing what the scales would say means that I have to keep going, because I have no idea how close I am.

Lastly… I like a surprise! This could backfire on me. If I get on the scales on my birthday and I’m not even close to the 2st target, I’m going to be devastated. On my birthday. But I just have to trust the plan and hope that doesn’t happen.

13lb in 3 weeks is a lot of weight to lose

It’s not impossible on The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, but like I said before, I’m not at the beginning of my weight loss journey and my losses tend to be slower than average. So I needed to do whatever I could to give me the best chance.

So I decided to do 3 weeks on TDR (Total Diet Replacement). I’ve done it before and I like the products, so I figured 3 weeks would be worth it, if it helped me get closer to my 2st goal.

I’m actually really enjoying TDR

The range of products is much more limited than our usual meal replacement range, but I enjoy the products I can have and Ive been adding water flavourings to the shakes to vary the taste a bit, so I haven’t been bored at all.

I’ve got one more week on TDR before I get on those scales.

Do I think I’m close?

Honestly? No idea. I hope that I am! If I can’t hit the 2st, I hope that I’m at least close, because I really have given it 100%, especially the last couple of weeks on TDR.

Either way, setting myself this challenge was the best thing I could have done for my weight loss journey. After this 2st is gone, I’ll still have another 2st to go. And I’m going to set myself another challenge to get there.

Working towards something specific, whether it’s an event (wedding, birthday, holiday etc) or just a date picked at random from the calendar, really helps to keep me motivated.

If you’re struggling with your motivation

I’d really recommend that you set yourself a similar challenge. It doesn’t have to be 2st in 60 days. Just decide how much you want to lose and decide what date you want to get there. Be realistic, but don’t make it too easy. Make sure it’s a challenge!

If you’re on The 1:1 Diet, speak to your Consultant about the 30 and 60 day challenges that are running at the moment and get yourself on social media to share your progress and keep yourself accountable.

I’d love to follow your journey, so drop your social media details in the comments below for me!


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