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Should You Convert Your Loft Into An Extra Bedroom?

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Have you been thinking about transforming your loft into an extra bedroom? If you’ve got a growing family, a loft conversion could save you having to upsize, plus it could add value to your home. That said, a loft conversion must meet certain required to be legally classed as a bedroom and you need to be certain you can afford it. Here are all the things to consider when converting your loft, so that you can decide whether a loft conversion is right for you.

Getting rid of the clutter

In many homes, the loft becomes a dumping ground for unused stuff. Getting rid of this clutter will have to be your first step. Certain items like suitcases and holiday decorations may need to be relocated. Meanwhile, there could be a lot of clutter up there that you can take to the dump. You can hire a bin via companies like Cheaper Bin Hire. Certain items may be possible to sell online or you could possibly throw a yard sale.

Adding plumbing and electrics

Your loft conversion will need electricity and heating. This could mean pay for plumbing and electrics. This is much safer than trailing extension cables up and plugging electric heaters in (which some people do). Compare quotes from local contractors so that you can cut the costs of this job.


Uninsulated lofts can get very cold in the winter. Consequently, investing in insulation could be an important next step. Spray-on insulation is most effective but is the most expensive and must be carried out by a professional. Those on a budget may be able to install their own insulation using insulation boards or thermal wool from sites like Thermafleece.  An advantage of loft insulation is that it will keep your entire home from losing heat, helping you to make big savings on your energy bills.

Installing a staircase

For fire safety purposes, loft conversion require staircase access. If you’ve currently only got a ladder, this could mean finding space for a staircase, which could mean taking out part of another room. An alternative option could be to add a fire escape on the outside of your home. This latter option could be less expensive.

Raising the roof

The ceiling of your loft must also meet local height requirements. If there’s not enough headspace, you may have to look into raising the roof. This is not a cheap or easy job and could require planning permission. When it comes to sloping roofs, there may be cheaper tricks to add extra headspace such as adding a dormer window.

Adding extra luxury features

There may be other luxury features worth adding to your loft conversion. A skylight could be a great way of letting in natural light from above. Meanwhile, if there’s enough space, adding an en suite bathroom could save the person living in that room having to go downstairs in the night to use the bathroom. Make sure that there’s enough room in your budget for these expenses.

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