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How To Deal With The Problem Of House Envy

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Have you ever experienced house envy?

It’s the moment when you watch one of those home improvement shows on the television, and you wish you were one of those lucky people receiving the makeover of their dreams.

It’s the moment when you’re scouring internet sites, perhaps looking at the architectural beauties at Playoust Churcher, and wishing you had the money to live in a newly designed home that ticks all of your boxes.

And it’s the moment when you’re visiting the homes of friends and family, marveling at either their home interiors or exteriors (or both), and wishing your home was as lovingly presented as theirs are.

House envy; it can happen to any one of us!

But rather than going green with envy every time you compare your humble abode to the other houses you see on or offline, there are ways to overcome this common issue.

#1: Offer gratitude for what you do have

Rather than bemoan what you don’t have, make a mental note of those things you should be grateful for. There may be particular features in your home that you are pleased with, for example, and certain rooms may hold special memories for you. And hey, at least you have a house to live in, even if it doesn’t always compare well to grander examples. So, walk around your home, and tick off the best parts in your mind. You might well feel happier after doing so.

#2: Consider some home improvements

Sit down with a pen and paper and start to construct a home improvement wish list. Think about those nice-to-have things alongside any must-haves, and add them to your list. You might want to extend your house, for example, as this will give you extra space in your home. Or you might want to redecorate with new designs and color schemes to breathe new life into your living space. Write down your thoughts, and then look at your budget. You won’t be able to afford everything all at once (we assume), so be realistic, and then prioritize any essentials to give you a greater feeling of happiness within your home.

#3: Eliminate anything that you don’t like about your house

Sometimes, we envy the homes of others because there are parts of our own homes that we don’t enjoy. If you relate to this, consider making a few small but significant changes to eliminate those aspects that get you down. So, if your home is forever filled with clutter, you might add more storage to your home to make it look cleaner and more presentable. If there are parts of your home in disrepair, perhaps there’s a squeaky floorboard or a room with signs of damp, do the sensible thing and fix these pesky problems. And if part of your home is uglier than others, do something to prettify the area, perhaps with a fresh lick of paint or even a vase of flowers. Be they temporary fixes or long-term measures, do something rather than nothing to improve the parts of your home that you dislike.


Envy is something we can all experience, not only about our homes but with other aspects of our lives too. But here’s the thing about envy; it can rob us of the happiness that should come from what we should be grateful for, so if you have related to this article, follow our suggestions, and eliminate it from your life. Let us know your thoughts too, especially around the subject of house envy. Have you experienced this common problem? If so, let us know how you overcame that little green monster in your life.

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