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My Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items

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My Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items

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Last week, I wrote about My Top 5 Most Unnecessary Baby Items. So I thought I’d flip that around and write about my Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items this week.

These aren’t necessarily items that you must have, but they’re definitely the most useful baby items that I bought when I had my twins.

Baby Carrier

I’ve had several baby carriers over the last 2 years. Jack and Alice are a bit big now, or rather, they don’t want to be carried anymore and they’re too big and wriggly for me to force them. But, in the early days, they made it so much easier to get out with the twins.

(Excuse how exhausted I look in these photos – because, Twins.)

I started with the Weego twin carrier, when the twins were very little… It was great for carrying them both, but I could only use it for a few months, before they got too big for it.

Mother carrying baby twins in a Weego baby carrier

And then I had the Hana Bamboo Baby Wrap for solo carries (my back struggled with carrying them both), which I loved, because it was so lightweight and Jack just loved being so close. Alice was less keen.

Mother with young baby boy in a black wrap style carrier on her chest

And then we tried the Tula, which was really pretty, but I found it too hot to use in the Summer,because the material and the straps were really thick. Alice wasn’t keen on this one, either… Lovely to wear in cooler weather, though.

Mother carrying baby daughter in a Tula carrier. The baby looks unimpressed.

And I finally settled on a Connecta in a beautiful owl print. I loved that carrier and was very sad when I sold it. We ended up buying a second one (in a less beautiful print) so that Mr Becca and I could carry a twin each.

Mother with happy looking baby girl in a Connecta carrier

Baby carriers are great, especially in the early days, if you’ve got a baby that doesn’t want to be put down. Jack loved being carried and baby wearing meant that I could keep him happy and still have my hands free. It also meant that I could carry one baby and push the other in a single buggy, instead of trying to shop with the double buggy. I would recommend a baby carrier to all new parents. They were definitely the most useful baby items I bought.

Toys with lights and sounds

We bought several playmats for the twins. Mostly because I got carried away and thought we needed everything! Out of all of them, this Bright Stars Light Up Lagoon Activity Gym was their favourite. It plays a lullaby and couple of other nature-based sounds and the archway lights up. They just loved it and the hanging toys were perfect when they started grabbing and reaching for things.

Baby twins laying on a play mat with a light up archway over it

When they got a bit bigger, musical toys took over as the favourite. Now, we have drums and trumpets, which I wish we’d never bought (the twins love them just a little bit too much). But back then, this floor piano kept them occupied for ages and it was great for tummy time, too!twin babies, sitting by a piano floor mat, smiling.

Bath chairs

After the twins outgrew their Angelcare Bath Supports, we moved on to Dreambaby Premium Bath Seats, as modelled below by Alice. These seats meant that I could bath both babies at the same time on my own – once they were able to sit up unsupported. Obviously, bath seats have to be used with caution – they’re not safety devices and you have to watch your baby closely. All. The. Time. But we found these ones really good – they’re supportive and sturdy and we never had any trouble with them tipping, even with wriggly, splashing babies in them.

smiling baby girl, sitting in a pink and white bath chair

Sit Me Up

We loved this. The Early Learning Centre Sit Me Up comes in a few different animal designs. We went for the giraffe, because I love giraffes, but they’re all essentially the same, and lots of brands do similar products. It was so cute and the twins loved it. We used it for tummy time…

Baby boy, haing tummy time on a giraffe ring toy

Just for laying in…

Baby girl, smiling, laying on a cuddly giraffe toy

And, eventually, for supporting them when they were sitting up on their own, just in case they fell backwards. The inflatable part is tied to the mat they sit on, which keeps it in place.

Baby girl, about 6 months old, sitting up with a giraffe Sit Me Up Cosy behind her for support

Baby Bouncer/Swing

We had both. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t decide which would be better, so I bought both. Just one of the many reasons why having twins is the best thing everTwi babies sitting side by side in a baby bouncer and a baby swing

The twins loved these. Alice preferred the Ingenuity bouncer, but Jack was a fan of the  Ingenuity swing. Both would keep them calm and happy, looking at the little animals hanging above them, They even fell asleep in them occasionally (they were never left unattended and never allowed to nap in there for long).

So there you have it! My Top 5 Most Useful Baby Items. Perhaps not the usual things you’d find on a list of useful baby items, but definitely the ones that made my life easier when the twins were little!

What would be on your list?

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