Our Christmas Dinner

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Our Christmas Dinner
Want to know a secret? I don’t really like roast dinners. I never cook them, I never eat them. Want to know my favourite meal of the whole year?

Christmas dinner

It’s also the only meal of the year that I really put any effort into cooking. I probably shouldn’t say that. But all my good intentions to start meal planning came to nothing and I mostly cook whatever I think the twins will eat.  Christmas dinner is different! I clear my plate every year. I even eat vegetables that I don’t touch during the rest of the year. There’s just something special about Christmas dinner, don’t you think?

I don’t like to go to someone else’s house for Christmas day, because I like to cook Christmas Dinner myself. I like to stress out over making sure the turkey isn’t dry and the veg isn’t overcooked. I like looking after my family and making sure they eat so much they can’t move afterwards.

Everyone’s got their own way of doing it, right? And here’s mine.

The starters

Am I the only one who doesn’t bother with starters?? Who want to fill up on melon balls or prawn cocktail, when you could be saving room for more of the good stuff??

The turkey

I’ve talked about this briefly already. I cook my Christmas turkey the Gordon Ramsay way. I’m sure it tastes as good as if Gordon cooked it himself. I can’t imagine cooking my turkey any other way. The prep is a bit gross. Pushing butter under the skin of a turkey is as yucky as it sounds. But it tastes delicious! And I feel like a master chef, just that one day a year!

The veg

I keep it fairly simple – roast potatoes in goose fat, honey roasted parsnips, carrots and sprouts. This year, I want to try something different with my sprouts, because I don’t really enjoy them and I only cook them at all because I feel like it’s not Christmas without them. I’m trying to decide between this gratin recipe and this garlic and parmesan recipe. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Our Christmas Dinner!

The extras

Christmas dinner isn’t Christmas dinner without pigs in blankets and stuffing. I always make sure we have plenty of both. I’m probably not going to be popular for saying this… but we don’t have Yorkshire puds with our Christmas dinner. We’ve never missed them either. On the rare occasion that I’ve bought them (who has time to make them from scratch on Christmas Day??) I’ve forgotten to cook them anyway. The only other extra we need is a yummy turkey gravy. I’m afraid I go shop bought with that too – I prefer M&S posh turkey gravy, but Asda do a pretty good one, too.

The dessert

The best bit! This year, we’re having this amazing melt in the middle chocolate and salted caramel Christmas pudding, from M&S. I used to bake and decorate a Christmas cake, but haven’t had much time since having the twins. So, instead, I buy the yummiest looking, most indulgent dessert I can find (and then hope that no one else wants any… more for me!).

And then… I rest. God bless my dishwasher. And Mr Becca, who loads it for me.

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