Kindness Elves Update

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Kindness Elves Update

So, we’re over half way through Blogmas! I thought I’d better update you on what the Kindness Elves have been up to.

The Kindness Elves haven’t suggested a new activity every day

Mostly because I’m lazy. But also because the twins are still so little. I didn’t want it to seem like a chore. They have enjoyed saying hello to the elves every morning and they like that the advent calendars the elves brought with them on the first day is still giving them chocolate. But they don’t really understand the concept of doing kind things – they mostly want to do fun things. So we’ve tried to mix the two.

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Making gifts for Grandparents

A few days after bringing the advent calendars for the twins, the elves thought it would be nice to make some Christmas presents for Jack and Alice’s grandparents. So they all sat on top of the framed hands and feet that we had made when the twins were 12 weeks old.

Kindness Elves sitting on a frame

I won’t tell you exactly what we made, just in case any of the grandparents actually bother to read my blog, but the twins thought it was a fun idea – they like to be creative and they like anything involving their grandparents.

Kindness Elves Update

Helping tidy up

The a few days later, the elves were found sitting on the windowsill in the kitchen, ready to help me tidy the kitchen. They suggested the twins tidy their toys in the living room. They actually did this! They put all of their toys in the toy box…. and then they got them out again. And argued over them. But they made the effort! Looking at this photo, maybe I should have got the twins to wash the windows instead!

Elves sitting on Home sign

Sitting in the tree

OK. One of my biggest challenges is that the twins don’t understand why they can’t play with the elves. They want to carry them around like toys and I think, if they do that, the elves won’t make it to next Christmas! So I’m having to find high up places that they can’t reach, but that they can see, to put the elves. The Christmas tree was the perfect solution. They know I love my tree and that they’re not allowed to touch it. They also have their own tree, so they’re not too bothered about mine. So the elves are safe up there.

Kindness Elves sitting in a Christmas tree

I used this one as an excuse to tell them about my grandparents. I have photos of them hanging on the tree – that’s my mum’s mum, that Pop and Sage are sitting next to. I know that this wasn’t really an act of kindness, but she was a lovely lady and the twins would have loved her. It felt nice to talk to them about her.

Next year, we’ll be more creative

It will be easier when the twins are a bit older. But it’s working for us like this, this year. Jack and Alice are becoming familiar with our new elf friends and learning that they shouldn’t touch them too much. And we’re working on the kindness thing. Next year, they’ll understand more and will be more interested in using all the lovely acts of kindness ideas that came with the activity pack!

The Kindness Elves banner

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